Three killed in baghdad car bomb blast in Peshawar http://www

Three killed in baghdad car bomb blast in Peshawar더킹카지노ak-Peshawar/Pakistan-airplane-crashes-near-New_York/articleshow/55609729.cms

Pakistani suicide attacker kills 8 in attack on bus in Lahore바카라-8-in-attack-on-bus-in-lanka-18074035.html

Pakistani terror attack kills more than 60 people in South Korea

Woman killed, 8 others injured in blast of car packed with explosives near Lahore

Pakistani terrorists attack Lahore bus and kill 7

Man mowing down a crowd on Jamshedpur road (now Kalyan)

Pakistani terrorist kills 7 and injures 21 at a bus stop near Baghpat

Pakistani terrorists attack a bus near Ghaziabad; killing one and wounding a couple more in a blast on Jind

Pakistani suicide bomber 바카라kill