Rudd high speed rail parental leave cost comparison

Rudd high speed rail parental leave cost comparison

While the Labor party and government have put forward a range of options, it appears to be deadlock on a $821 million price tag for a six-lane, five-stop high speed rail route from Melbourne to Fremantle via Perth.

It is likely to cost $1.1 billion, with the federal and state governments agreeing to $875 million in funding each, and the cost of building the project based on the estimated 60,000 annual rail customers from Australia.

Under Labor’s high speed rail policy, the cost was expected to be between $900 million and $1 billion.

In February 2015, the Labor government announced the cost would be between $1 billion and $7 billion.

If $1 billion is more than the projected monthly ridership and $821 million is more than the projected operating costs then the Abbott government has the upper hand, said Mr Rudd on Wednesday.

He suggested Labor, Liberal and independent senators were on the fence about the project, even if it was being led by the Liberal premier Tony Abbott.

Mr Rudd’s advice came after the Opposition Leader made comments attacking the Labor party on its high speed rail plan on Thursday afternoon, saying Labor was taking a «shovel in the sand».

«In a few short weeks we will start the countdown to the election — the moment the Australian people decide the future of our country,» Mr Rudd said.

On Wednesday, Mr Abbott dismissed the recommendation that the $821 million figure would be included in the government’s plan to deliver the project, and that it would be passed on to federal and state governments in addition to the states.

«I have always thought that it would be wrong to take out of the cost calculations all the money that needs to be spent on infrastructure that has become more and more important,» Mr Abbott told Sky News.

«I don’t think it’s fair to the Australi더킹카지노an people that we don’t know what level of funding to put into this [high speed rail].

«There’s already very substantial infrastructure spending. It’s a matter of making sure you deliver the infrastructure, not taking out a specific amount.»

Labor Party chief whip Tanya Plibersek had previously suggested the government should consider adding the higher cost of the high speed rail project to the federal budget for the first time next year to improve its case for g바카라사이트overnment support, but the Government has so far refused to agree, and instead has moved t우리카지노o delay further funding decisions unti