Lockheed martin confirms attack on it network, with Pentagon saying 2nd strike ‘not credible’, could ‘probably’ be a mistake

Lockheed martin confirms attack on it network, with Pentagon saying 2nd strike ‘not credible’, could ‘probably’ be a mistake

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon announced Tuesday afternoon it believed a successful attack on its U.S. networks may have been a mistake and said a second strike would not likely be a mistake.

The U.S. Central Command said a series of strikes against the command and control network had taken place earlier Tuesday in coordination with the coalition fighting Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.

The network includes airfields and training camps in western Iraq, and control over roads and supply lines to support troops in the region.

In a statement the Pentagon says the strikes destroyed about 25 targets, destroyed 20 communications links, and damaged or destroyed about 1,000 computers, including those of a computer contractor responsible for traijarvees.comning Iraqi ground forces and Iraq’s military.

The networks have been the targets of a series of U.S.-led air strikes in Iraq and Syria in recent months as they’ve taken out key components of Islamic State’s supply and logistics chain.

U.S. Forces-Iraq and coalition troops are conducting counter-terrorist operations against Islamic State on several fronts and have been hit, the statement says.

It notes that in the same week in which coalition aircraft struck Islamic State targets the first time, coalition forces «also struck targets of interest» and «successfully carried out a pair of separate air strikes» against both.

It says U.S. airstrikes «have hit a vehicle and an ISIS headquarters, including the destruction of an oil tank.»

The statement says coalition planes used air-to-ground weapons, including a Hellfire air-to-surface missile fired from a C-130EJ Hercules transport aircraft. The air war began Oct. 19 and «is proceeding as planned.»

The U.S. military statement says those in the group using Islamic State’s communications system were «likely using an existing network, either on the ground or in the air, rather than creating new ones.» It says those using the network will be targeted.

«The coalition believes these attacks are thejarvees.com first in what will likely be a series of strikes in this area,» the statement says. «While this attack was believed to be by only a single group, it certainly has the potential jarvees.comto cause significant harm to the network in the event of continued operations in the area and further attacks.»

The military released a video of the U.S. air strikes Wednesday morning. The video i