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They were no more than six feet apart. Ronnie and I watched Keith run and jump on top of the other garage’s roof. Ronnie did the same thing with the same results. Archie has made a full recovery thank god. Unfortunately not so lucky for another cat called Tom who was 15 years of age was also injured by an air rifle, he died from his injuries. It sickens me to think the pain they go through physically and emotionally before they pass on.

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1. The Witch Starring Anya Taylor Joy, Ralph Ineson and Kate Dickie, this New England based flick is the story of the season. It sees a Puritan family thrown into turmoil when the baby mysteriously goes missing and the eldest daughter is subsequently accused of being a witch.

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She didn’t really like taking vitamins or supplements, so she didn’t even give it a second thought when someone suggested it. She just wanted to pretend everything was normal. She pushed herself and pushed and pushed, and before she knew it a year had gone by and Gwen still felt like she had a concussion.

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Because you could have stopped it.We always want to compromise our principles when we stand to get hurt, or when we stand to profit, or when those principles protect something we find distasteful. But once you compromise a principle, it not a principle any longer. It window dressing.Those who wish to impose control on what others may think or say always have some excuse that sounds reasonable.

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