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You have been rude. You have intentionally misinterpretted what I said to make yourself feel better about how wrong you are. I loathe the way that you treat people who disagree with you and I refuse to concede on points which I know and have proven to be right just because you brought it up again and pretended like I didn answer it the first time, you feckless child..

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In the wake of the most recent deadly shooting, Mr. Trump has signaled he would be open to supporting bipartisan legislation on more stringent background checks and raising the age limit of those who can purchase high capacity weapons. He has also called on the Justice Department to explore regulations that would ban «bump stock» devices, which drastically increase a weapon’s rate of fire..

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Corporate America has a continued diversity problem. It’s a problem that has always existed and one that has become a buzzword as of late across several industries. Industries including tech, advertising, media and entertainment, legal, finance, health care, law enforcement, government and politics, consumer packaged goods, etc.

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